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sweet Cures Waterfall D-Mannose Instant 12 x 3g sachets

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Waterfall D-Mannose Instant is a brand-new product offering a new granulated form of D-Mannose. Each sachet contains 3g of Waterfall D-Mannose, ideal for taking regularly in a convenient dose.

A pure formulation with no added ingredients, just the highest quality D-Mannose naturally fermented from Birch, without the use of solvents.

Mix the contents of 1 sachet with approximately 100ml of water or unsweetened juice.

Immediate Support: 1 Sachet every 2 or 3 hours and once during the night.
Ongoing Support: 1 Sachet once or twice a day.
Other Support: 1 Sachet before and after intimacy, continue on Immediate Support dose for 48 hours.
100% D-Mannose, sourced from birch.