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Men's sexual wellness – our gift from the gods

Men's sexual wellness – our gift from the gods

Men's sexual wellness – our gift from the gods

 The pressures of modern life can undermine mental and physical wellbeing. The bad news for men, though, is that sexual health and libido can be affected too.


if you’re feeling the pinch, you’re not alone.  Data shows erectile problems are very common, particularly in men over 40. Twenty-six per cent of young males under 40 are affected too.  

The good news is we have a brand-new product, Idavoll, that sits perfectly in the pharmacy environment but offers a completely natural alternative therapy by being 100% vegan and made from only natural ingredients.

Available via Dennisthechemist, Idavoll demonstrates that pharma is not always the only option. Idavoll works not to ‘mask’ the problem, but to relieve and gently ‘re-educate’ the system. We recommend augmenting Idavoll by taking your lifestyle up a notch, such as eating healthily, reducing alcohol, ceasing smoking, losing weight and taking more exercise

So, what is the magic of Idavoll? It’s a natural food supplement in capsule form but its high in concept: Its team of nutritional technicians were inspired by the legends of the fearless Norse gods who assembled on the plain of Idavoll, where they prepared for great battles.

The team set out to formulate the most effective natural and vegan male sexual performance supplement on the market.  Having studied countless research papers and consulted with renowned practitioners, they settled on a toolkit of our core ingredients: Siberian Ginseng, Maca Root Extract, L-arginine and Maritime Pine Bark Extract, intended to provide the perfect balance of improved blood circulation, stamina and vitality.  These were further empowered by vitamins & minerals and antioxidant-rich zinc, all specially formulated to help support mental performance and testosterone levels.



With Idavoll, you can reach performance and endurance via the natural route.  Anyone can be a Legend, just like our signature Norse God, pictured!


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