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Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator

by Dame
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Works just like a normal applicator, but it's reusable so helps reduce landfill. Remove the lid, load a tampon, insert the plunger and push through the soft petals. After use, rinse under running water (or wipe clean and rinse later).


DAME have designed the reusable tampon applicator to be as easy to use as possible. Here are some tips to get you going:

Get to know your applicator. It's made up of three parts: the lid, the applicator and the plunger

To load your tampon, wash your hands then unwrap your tampon and unravel the string

Remove the lid, peel back one of the 'petals' and load the tampon from the top

Once your tampon is loaded, insert the applicator into your vagina at a 45 degree angle, then use the plunger to push the tampon in until the plunger clicks into the applicator. Your tampon should now be comfortably in place


Medical grade Mediprene® and polypropylene, 3 x organic cotton tampons

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