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Patch it Detox Patch-it - 6 Patches

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Detox Patch-It for cleansing and revitalizing – the original, unique formula. Uses mandarin wood vinegar to stimulate reflexology points on the feet to support natural detoxification, in easy 'tear and wear' foot patches.


Remove patches from their protective wrapper and apply one to the sole of each foot before bed
If you find the patches come off due to movement, try wearing a pair of socks over the patches
When you wake in the morning, remove the patches and dispose
Wash your feet if needed with soap and water
Use for three consecutive nights for optimum benefits and 10 consecutive nights every month as part of a long term program


Pyroligneous Acid (Mandarin Wood Vinegar), Dextrin, Tourmaline, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)

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