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Nature's Plus Collagen Peptides Berry Lemonade 322g

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Collagen is a vital protein providing skin with elasticity. It also provides the frame upon which bone is built and allows smooth mobility in joints. This is a full spectrum hydrolysed collagen with Types I, II, III, IV, V and X collagen with digestive enzymes and vitamin C for maximum utility.


Add 11.5g (one heaped scoop) or 23g (two heaped scoops) of Berry Lemonade Collagen Peptides powder to 118ml (4 fl oz) or 237ml (8 fl oz) of water, juice or your favourite beverage.


Hydrolysed grass-fed beef collagen, flavour enhancer (citric acid), natural flavouings, fish collagen, chicken collagen, colour (beetroot red), eggshell membrane collagen, sweetener (steviol glycoside), ascorbic acid, papain (proteolytic enzyme from Papaya Fruit [Carica papaya])

Allergen Information


Sweeteners and Additives

Steviol glycoside

Ascorbic acid, citric acid