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hubner Silicea Kollagen Plus 30's

by hubner
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Food supplement with collagen peptides, silica gel, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, copper, lotus blossom extract and mango pulp. Unique 5-fold combination with lotus blossom extract, for firm & radiant skin. Collagen peptides help to reduce wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin.


Drink 2 sachets (1 sachet = 15 ml) per day, between meals. Knead the sachet before consumption. Convenient sachets are ready to drink directly, they do not need to be stored in the refrigerator.


Silicic Acid, fruit sweetener from apple juice, mango pulp, collagen peptides, aqueous extract of lotus blossom, sodium hyaluronate, ascorbic acid, copper gluconate, stabilizer xanthan, pectin, natural flavouring, citric acid

Allergen Information


Sweeteners and Additives

Fruit sweetener from apple juice

Xanthan, pectin, natural flavouring, citric acid