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Lamberts Mega Mineral Complex 90 Tablets
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Minerals cannot be synthesized by our bodies, making the body reliant upon the dietary intake. Minerals are vital components of many of the Chemical Catalysts namely Enzymes which are involved in every biochemical process.

Minerals actively participate in regulating many physiological functions, including transporting oxygen to cells and participation in the general upkeep of the central nervous system. Minerals are also required for growth, maintenance, repair and health of bones and tissues.

Minerals are divided into two main groups, Macro Minerals and Trace Elements. Generally any minerals required in amounts of less than 100mg daily in the diet are considered to be Trace Elements. Combinations of these two are essential for those that lack dietary sufficiency.

Mega Mineral Complex can safely be taken in conjunction with Lamberts multi vitamin products such as Megavit, Multi-Max and Multi-Guard to form a high potency vitamin and mineral regime.