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Udo's Choice Beyond Greens 255g

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A vitalising blend of dried organic fermented barley, oat, wheat, and alfalfa grasses, combined with algae and carefully selected spices, vegetables and seeds. High in fibre and protein. 10 different organic sources, including 4 fermented grasses and digestive herbs.


Mix 1 scoop (8g) as desired with a glass of water.

Can be easily added to smoothies, water, fruit or vegetable juices.

Can even be used in baking to super-size the nutritional value of baked goods: muffins, cookies, snack bars, etc.


Fermented grass blend* (barley grass*, oat grass*, wheat grass*, alfalfa grass*, Lactobacillus plantarum, Saccharomyces boulardii and molasses*), alfalfa herb*, barley grass*, defatted flax seed*, oat grass*, rye grass*, broccoli*, ginger root*, chlorella*, dulse*, licorice root*, spirulina*, kale leaf*, defatted sunflower seed*, cinnamon bark*, and defatted sesame seed*, natural flavours. 

* Organic

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