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Delacet Herbal Head Lice Solution 100ml

by Delacet
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DELACET is safe, easy to use and extremely effective natural head lice product suitable for the whole family and all hair types.


Apply Delacet generously to dry hair and scalp. Pin up hair if long. Wear an old shower cap to protect your skin and clothes from solution dripping. Leave it on for 2-3 hours, then rinse thoroughly and detangle in the usual way. Shampoo hair if required. In case of a sensitive scalp a skin patch test somewhere on the scalp is advisable prior to application. A nit-comb may be used for detection if you wish. In case of heavy infestation a second application a week later might be beneficial.

DELACET is a tincture so it is runny like water. How much you need to use depends on the volume of hair treated. As a rough guide, please note that 3 little boys with short hair will require one bottle, but a girl with longer or thicker hair will need more solution. One way of judging how much Delacet is needed is to use a small bottle or a measuring jug and see how much water is required to make all hair wet. That will be an indication of how much solution should be purchased.


Tincture of Larkspur and Acetic Acid (vinegar)

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