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Eye Protector 60's

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With 15+ advanced, SuperPure® botanical extracts and concentrates, this product is the most comprehensive formula to nourish and support healthy vision and eyes.


Take two capsules per day.


SuperPure Carotenoid protectors: Organic Tomato Extract (Lycopene), Organic Haematococcus Algae Extract (Astaxanthin 2mg), Organic Goji Extract & Sea Buckthorn Extract (Mixed Carotenes), Marigold Flower Extract (Free Lutein 10mg, Free Zeaxanthin/Meso-Zeaxanthin 5mg), Organic Gardenia Fruit Extract & Organic Saffron Flower Extract (Crocins/Crocetin 3mg), SuperPure Flavonoid protectors: Black Currant Extract, Organic Aronia, Organic Elderberry, Organic Bilberry Concentrates (Anthocyanins 50mg & C3G 2mg), Organic Grape Seed Extract & Wild Pine Bark Extract (Proanthocyanidins 100mg, Polyphenols 125mg), SuperPure Enzyme protectors: Organic Kale & Organic Watercress Concentrates (Glucosinolates & Myrosinase Enzyme), SOD Enzyme 140iu (Melon Extract), Catalase Fermented Enzyme 1400iu, vegetarian pullulan capsule

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