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Herbs Hands Healing LiteFlush Powder 90g

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The botanicals in this powder blend have been chosen by herbal practitioner Jill Davies to support the bowel. It contains classics like pectin and charcoal and European Plantain.


Take one heaped teaspoon of powder one to four times a day
Initially mix into a fine paste and then dilute a little more in order to consume it easily with one of the following suggestions: plant milks, fruit juice or water
Ensure you subsequently drink more fluid e.g. 250ml to 500ml of water after each use
This formula swells up and needs to move down to the bowel (combine with ColoClear Capsules)


Linseed, psyllium husk, apple pectin, charcoal, arrowroot, plantain leaf, slippery elm bark and peppermint leaf

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