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Nutrivital Magnesium Oil Spray 50ml

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NutriVital Magnesium Oil Spray is a concentrated food grade mineral supplement. Avoiding the digestive process, it is simply absorbed and assimilated through the skin into the tissues of the body where it is most needed. NutriVital Magnesium Oil Spray is 52.4% magnesium chloride.


Apply 3-8 sprays as required anywhere on the body, ideally on freshly washed skin, dry or wet, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner
Can be used in the mouth or added to food or drinks - because it's ionic, no further digestive processes need occur for it to be absorbed
Can be sprayed on to gums for oral care
Half dosages for children


Ionic concentrated mineral salts from the water of The Great Salt Lake (52.4% Magnesium Chloride)

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