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Lifeforce Organics Activated Naughtily Natural Tasty Seed Mix 250g SINGLE

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These seeds have been rinsed and then soaked for 12 hours to start germination and activate them, this allows access to their full nutrient profile. Then they are mixed with organic dried fruits, coconut flakes and raw cacao nibs and gently dehydrated below 43°C to preserve their raw qualities.


1. Opening the Bag:
Locate the designated notch on the top corner of the bag. This notch is strategically placed to guide you in tearing the bag open effortlessly.

2. Tearing the Bag Open:
Grasp both sides of the bag firmly near the notch.
Gently tear the bag along the notch in a straight line, ensuring a clean and easy opening.

3. Resealing for Freshness:
After enjoying your delicious nuts, reseal the bag to maintain freshness.
Press the sides of the bag together, ensuring that the resealable closure aligns.
Run your fingers along the sealed area to secure the closure and preserve the flavour and texture of the nuts.

4. Sustainable Bag:
The bag is fully biodegradable and suitable for home composting - or for council food waste collection.
Lifeforce Organics strive to be environmentally friendly wherever possible and ask that you contribute to sustainability by composting the bag, helping reduce waste and our environmental impact.

Enjoy your delicious, nutritious and eco-friendly Seed Mix!


Activated Pumpkin seeds, Activated Sunflower seeds, Hulled hemp seeds, Coconut chips (9%), Apricot Pieces (9%), Sultanas (8%), Mulberries (5%), Cocoa nibs (5%)

Allergen Information