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Cytoplan PreBio Restore 180g

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PreBio RESTORE is a new and unique prebiotic supplement providing a blend of mixed prebiotic fibre which contribute to a diverse microbiome, whilst supporting healthy bowel habit.


Stir 5g of powder into a glass of water or juice until dissolved.


Gum acacia soluble fibre, Sunfiber partially hydrolysed Guar Gum 85% fibre®, Sugar Beet oligofructose soluble fibre 95% fructans (FOS) (Beta vulgaris), GOS (galacto oligosaccharide) soluble fibre powder 70% GOS (from milk lactose), Larch arabinogalactan soluble fibre 85% carbohydrates (larix sp.), Apple pectin soluble fibre, Marshmallow root powder (althaea officinalis l.).

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