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Bach Flower Remedies Set of Original Bach Flower Remedies 38 x 20ml in Wallet Leather

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A beautiful set of 38 flower remedies. The Bach leather wallet set is made of soft, durable faux-leather. The set is portable, light and holds 20ml essences in individual elastic bands. This is a fantastic way to ensure you always have the right remedy at hand. Trusted by generations for 80 years.


Take an individual essence based on your needs, or create a combination of up to seven essences.

Place two drops in water and sip at intervals. For combination use, add two drops of each essence (max seven essences) into a mixing bottle containing still spring water, and take four drops four times a day.


All 38 essences in 20ml format, plus 2x RESCUE® Remedy 10ml bottles and 1x Bach™ Original Flower Remedy mixing bottle. Grape alcohol (approx. 27% v/v), flower extracts 

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