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Conella Skin Brush

by Conella
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Bristle Skin Brush for dry body brushing. The advantages of dry brushing include: encouraging movement within your lymphatic system, stimulating blood circulation, encouraging more healthy oxygen to your skin surfaces, exfoliating away dead skins cells and unclogging pores. Invigorating and relaxing


Safe method for dry brushing. The steps involved in dry brushing are:

1. Consider (and explore by touch) the parts of your body where dry brushing should be avoided. Bumps, wounds, rashes, moles, acne or skin abnormalities of any kind.
2. Stand up, and begin brushing from your feet upwards, saving your arms to last.
3. Use a wide, clockwise, circular motion to brush your skin.
4. In less sensitive areas, you can apply more pressure.
5. Don’t brush where you have any of the issues mentioned above, or on your face.
6. Shower in cool water to remove the flaky, dead skin you have loosened.
7. After patting yourself dry, apply a pure, natural source of hydration and nutrition for the skin.

If your skin responds well, it's something you can do before every shower!


Wooden handle and bristle

Allergen Information