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Alliance For Natural Health What's On Your Plate? Leaflet (Pack of 25)

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This comparison handout has been specifically designed to help you understand how government healthy eating guidelines differ from the guidelines designed by independent scientists. This educational tool depicts the UK, US and Harvard food plates, alongside ANH-Intl’s Food4Health Guidelines.


The ‘What’s On Your Plate’ comparison handout is part of ANH's Tools for Practitioners’ Toolkit series.

This is a great resource for teachers and practitioners who are looking for easy ways to talk about healthy eating. Using a clear, pictorial handout 'What's On Your Plate' supports the education process and helps making the right food choices easier and clearer.

By purchasing these leaflets you are supporting the ongoing mission and work of ANH International, for which we thank you.


On the back is a comparison chart which uses a simple traffic light system of red, amber and green to show which of the four plates ticks the key health boxes along with an explanation as to why. 

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